Politecnico's Pride

PoliMi Pride is PoliEdro's initiative to bring Milano Pride to Politecnico di Milano and, at the same time, to bring Politecnico to Milano Pride.
The Pride Parade is a manifestation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, asexual, intersex and queer pride: an extraordinary celebration of freedom that has now reached Politecnico di Milano.

For the second year Politecnico di Milano has given its patronage to the Milano Pride, officially supporting our activities inside the campuses and so telling everyone that in our university diversities are an enrichment and everyone should feel welcome and safe.

The event will have its grand finale with the Milano Pride Parade on June 30th through the streets of Lombardy's chief town, but there's more:
PoliMi Pride will span through whole month of June with in-depth events on the meaning and the history of Pride and on LGBTI+ themes. We'll have conferences, movies, informative stands and colorful gadgets.


We're still not done with all the planning for our events. Follow our social media to stay updated with our news.




2:00pm   Auditorium Via Pascoli, Leonardo

Per una cultura inclusiva e rispettosa delle differenze. Giornata mondiale contro l’omofobia.





6:15pm   Room S.0.2, Leonardo

Discussion meeting: the nature of Pride

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7:00pm   Poli.Radio

PoliMi Pride on Poli.Radio

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6:15pm   Room LM.5, Campus Bovisa La Masa

Movie projection: Pride (2014)

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6:15pm   Room S.0.2, Leonardo

P.A.R.T.Y. Exhibition Presentation

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5:00pm   Room C.I.1 "Giulio Natta", Leonardo

LGBTI+ Rights with Ivan Scalfarotto

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Monday - Friday




Solarium Square, Leonardo
Oval Square, Bovisa Candiani
BL27-BL28 Buildings, Bovisa La Masa

PoliMi Pride stands! Come pick up your gadgets!

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A bit of history

In 2017, for the first time, we asked our Univesity to officially support Milano Pride. The only thing we were asking for was the recognition of an important event and a demonstration of Politecnico being on our side. The recognition came stronger than we could ever expect: pushed by the support and enthusiasm of PoliMi's representatives, staff and teachers, we were advised to make something bigger.

That's how PoliMi Pride was born: with the synergy of Polytechnic community we set up informative stands around the campuses, printed our pins, t-shirts, banners and flags and went all together to march at Milano Pride.

This year Politecnico decided to renew its patronage to the initiative, and we couldn't be more happy and proud of our university.

This June, PoliMi Pride will celebrate its second edition with more events, stands and gadgets!

About us

We are a group of students of Politecnico di Milano. We want to raise awareness of the issues of the LGBTI+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersexual and all the other nuances) by organizing events, conferences, talks and meetings about these topics. We try to be a landmark for students who feel discriminated in the University environment.

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Why we do it

The University is a place where we spend a lot of our time, trying to develop our knoweledge and skills for a better life and career. It’s stressful sometimes, but we think it’s even worse when one feels out of place, when one doesn’t feel safe enough to be oneself.

We think a University should do its best to show its student it’s doing the best it can to make them feel at home.
We think a University should care about diversity and inclusion and promote them, so students will know they can be Proud of who they are and of what makes them different.

That’s what PoliMi Pride is all about: attending Milano Pride is the tip of the iceberg.

How to support the project

Our designer team made new graphics and gadgets for this edition of PoliMi Pride, so all of us can join the colors of the Parade on June 30th.

We need your support: we launched a crowdfunding campaign to gather all the funds we need to order all PoliMi Pride gadgets.

With a small donation to our project:

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