First PoliEdro logo 2012 A fertile absence June PoliEdro is established a few months before the Pride, and because of the recent creation the association doesn't have many followers, it is therefore impossible to pertecipate officially as association; the time is not enough to organize the partecipation of PoliEdro to the parade, and maybe there isn't enough awareness yet, so members partecipate individually to the Pride Parade. This moment is yet very important for the association, because a new dream starts to form in the association: partecipating the next year with the whole association.
All of PoliEdro at Pride PoliEdro at Milano Pride 2013 PoliEdro at Milano Pride 2013 2013 Our first Pride June 30 2013 is the first year PoliEdro participates to Milano pride as an association. Although the group is small, a big sense of participation has grown among the members, who live the experiance to the fullest. Many members partecipate to a Gay Pride for the first time, motivated by that sense of closeness and community PoliEdro brings among them. Everyone, those who already have joined a Pride Parade and those who are there for the first time, has the opportunity to live the moment happily and consciously.
The rental car PoliEdro personalized PoliEdro at Milano Pride 2014 The rental car PoliEdro personalized 2014 PoliEdro Pride June 29 After the first year participating to Pride, a conversation is started within the members and supporters; many activities and debates are organized to convince and inform everyone about the meaning of Pride and its significance as a political gesture of belonging and protest, but also as an occasion to gather and celebrate. Besides the events debating the meaning of Pride, many other activities are organized in collaboration with other associations outside the university such as AGEDO (The equivalent of PFLAG in Italy). These groups and others which are connected to the organization of Milano Pride, involve PoliEdro and together they organize the 2014 parade. In addition to contributing to the organization of the parade, PoliEdro proposes itself to drive some rental cars at the head of the parade. This time a great number of students and members of the student body adhere to the event, and thanks to this the association gains grip and visibility in Politecnico and what seemed like a dream in 2012 starts to become reality
First Polimi Pride First Polimi Pride graphics Polimi Pride promoted around campuses 2017 Polimi Pride June 24 2017 is a turning point for PoliEdro: for the first time Politecnico gives its official support to the initiative, and sponsors PoliEdro to go to the parade. Polimi Pride is hence born, and to announce the event to the community PoliEdro organizes stands around the campuses. It is the start of the era of Polimi Pride, which since 2017 fills Politecnico with rainbows during Pride Month.
PoliEdro at the Pride Parade The stands at Polimi during Pride Week The gadgets given to donors 2018 Crowdfunding June The whole Pride is sponsored in part by Politecnico and in part thanks to a new initiative: through a crowdfunding whoever contributes to the efforts for Pride receives a t-shirt, a backpack and pins. The new Polimi Pride graphic theme is launched and appears on the gifts received to donators but also on flags and banners used during the parade. During this Pride month, PoliEdro organizes a conference with Ivan Scalfarotto, the current Domestic Affairs undersecretary.
PoliEdro al Milano Pride 2019 2019 Il pride sempre piĆ¹ sentito June 2019 is the third year in a row Politecnico gives PoliEdro sponsorship for Milano pride. Following the successful crowdfunding campaign od the previous year, PoliEdro once again brings colorful gadgets to the stands around the campuses. Making this edition special, this year marks the beginning of a collaboration with all the LGBTI+ students association, which join PoliEdro on the stage, bringing to the attention of all 350 000 participants topics like inclusion in university spaces.
The rainbow bench painted for PoliMi Pride Week 2020 2020 Annus horribilis June The pandemic stops all in-presence activities and prevents any big event from being organized, and Pride is one of them. PoliEdro doesn't surrender to social distancing and thanks to a tight coordination with Politecnico the first virtual PoliMi Pride week is born. A series of events are organized to raise awareness in Politecnico's community about Diversity in the academic and work worlds. In addition to the events, PoliEdro and Politecnico realize the first rainbow bench in the Leonardo campus.
PoliMi Pride Week 2020 banner 2020 Polimi Pride Week June 22nd - 27th For the first time in PoliMi history the university in partnership with PoliEdro organizes PoliMi Pride Week, a colorful week full of events about the LGBIT+ community and Diversity
PoliEdro at Milano Pride 2021 in Arco della Pace The main stage at Milano Pride 2021 Milano Pride 2021 2021 The rebirth June 26 Slowly we start to appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel (more or less). Milano pride returns in the streets partially coming back as it was originally. PoliEdro is at Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace, a triumphal arch in Milan) and partecipates to the still Pride Parade, but also takes part in the bicycle ride organized by Milano Pride Sport. During the pride week the second rainbow bench for Bovisa campus is painted.
Polimi Pride 2022 2022 The rebirth June 27th - July 2nd We can finally start to breathe again. Pride does too, and it goes back to its origins, going back to a real parade through the streets of the city after having stopped for two years and coming back to its original path. PoliEdro is happy to renew its support to the parade, and we can all go back to the streets parading for our rights. Another comeback is the organization of the stands in the two campuses.
Le grafiche del Polimi Pride 2023 2023 The present June 19th - 24th After the great success of the return of the march with the new longer route, PoliEdro returns to Milan Pride with more enthusiasm than ever! During the week, for the first time in the history of Politecnico di Milano, the Rector's Office Building will be illuminated with the colors of the rainbow