About us
PoliEdro (italian for polyhedron, recalling the word ‘poliedrico’ meening versatile, multifaced) is a student's association from Politecnico di Milano involved since 2012 in raising awareness about socio-cultural issues related to the LGBTI+ community. Created by LGBTI+ students but addressed to everyone, PoliEdro aims at being a clear something to rely on for anyone looking for a debate on any topic linked to the community. Thanks to the experience gained by the members, our mission is to help everyone who encounters any problem in the University caused by their sexual orientation or gender identity. We organize various kind of events to tackle all aforementioned subject matters: interviews, film showings, debates, informational events, and of course social gatherings. Furthermore, PoliEdro takes part every year in the preparation and execution of the Milano Pride events and parade.
PoliEdro flag during a Pride Parade
Our activities
The goal of the association is to bring Pride to Politecnico and bring Politecnico to Pride, and also raising awareness about important matters in LGBTI+ community and creating at the same time a space inside Politecnico where people can feel safe, express their identity with the same freedom that we have during Pride.